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I am not a photographer and I don’t wanna be. I really don’t think my photos are that good, but I think they express in some way what I see.

Therefore, I don’t like to say that I am selling my pictures. I rather say, I am exchanging them to raise money for a cause: helping somehow the organizations that I am working as a volunteer: (1) Overseers’ Education Centre; (2) Julie Hope and Children Rescue Centre; (3) Wings of Compassion.

photo: EUR10 – BRL25 (100% for the NGOs)

If you don’t want to pay, but you want the pictures. I can also give for free. =)

If you are interested, please contact me. I will be very happy.  =D

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2 thoughts on “Get a Photo

  1. Geeee!

    Eu estou acompanho o seu blog e estou amando!
    Muito bacana sua inciativa! Sem dúvidas quero ajudar! Como devo proceder?


    Giane (amiga da Anna)

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