I created this blog for a different proposal (I have another two): I want to try to help some of the organizations I am working here in Nairobi – Kenya.

Since I start this trip in 25Jun12, I’ve never asked people to help me or to support my trip. So far I worked as a volunteer in Haiti (orphanage, school); Albania (orphanage, maternity, hostel); Georgia (organic farm), and now Kenya (school, children rescue centre, young mother rescue centre). However, for the first time I am facing organizations that needs many things. Starting for “small” things such as: notebooks, pencils .. and also water, sewage, electricity.

Therefore, instead of asking money/donation, I would like to exchange pictures I am taking. Here with 1000 xelim (EUR 10, BRL 25) I can buy things that are in my opinion are very important, such as:

– barrel for water – children stay the whole day in the school without drinking water, cause there is no running water;

– material to make tables/chairs/blackboard – currently they are in a very bad situation. My idea is to buy the material, find a carpenter that can teach the older boys and then they can make for the school. In addition, it is something else for the kids in their future;

– school materials for children and even for the teachers – notebooks, pencils, pens, rules, books … Teachers in one of the places receive approx. EUR30 per month to teach the kids (from Monday to Friday – morning&afternoon);

– educational toys – children needs break from the studies. There is no single game for them;

Besides, for all the organization I am working with, I’m creating blogs (information in the internet); going inside of some communities asking for more volunteers (CS, Help X); meeting young Kenyans to discuss about what I can we can do (other NGOs, University; Aiesec); trying to create partnerships.

It is a hard work .. moving around by local transports, going inside of the slums, sleeping there, being ‘ignored’ by some people .. however, for me all the smiles, hugs and shinning eyes are priceless.


angelina yamada

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